London, UK, 28 November 2023 – Custom Consoles announces the integration of a Module-R production control desk and MediaWall monitor display support system into the production control room at one of Britain’s longest established television and radio broadcasters. The project is the fourth in a series of regional studio upgrades for the network, completed in cooperation with Dega Broadcast Systems.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Dega as a technology partner throughout this project,” says Neil Reed, Managing Director of Custom Consoles. “Module-R offers our clients the freedom to specify control room furniture with the exact features they need from an industry-proven range elements. Our approach to modular construction allows desks to be modified or extended easily in line with future workflow styles, to accommodate additional equipment or to allow easy relocation. MediaWall provides the same versatility for customers requiring video monitor displays with concealed cabling.

“The desk and monitor wall installations across all four of these projects are of identical design so that operators can transition easily between locations if or when required,” adds Gary Fuller, Custom Consoles’ Sales Manager. “The desk is an L-shaped unit configured for use by up to five operators along the 6.7 metre wide 13 bay main wing plus one or two colleagues along a 6 bay wide left-side spur. The main section is located directly in front of a 6.3 metre wide MediaWall with space to allow easy rear access to computers and related devices housed inside the desk.”

Five sloping-front storage pods, each with 2 x 3U capacity, are located along the forward-facing desktop. Supplementary equipment panels including a vision mixer and effects units are incorporated into the left spur which also has a 15U high floor-to-desktop equipment pod. Flat-screen monitor displays are mounted along the rear of the main desk section plus additional displays on the spur. Both wings are supported by silver-anodised extruded aluminium legs with internal ducts for signal and power cables. Additional support is provided by a corner junction unit.

The MediaWall comprises three horizontal frames spanned by five 55-inch video monitors, supplementary 24 inch video monitors, loudspeakers and a studio clock display. Total height of the frame is 2.4 metres.

MediaWall provides stable support for video displays of practically any size in almost any configuration. Incorporating height-adjustable horizontal beams and T-slot mounts, it is fully adjustable to ensure optimal sight lines. Individual or multiple frames can be used in self-supporting mode or coupled directly to a wall. Video display screens can be combined into a single horizontal display, limited in continuity only by the monitor panel bezel. Monitor signal and power cables are fully concealed and can enter or leave the structure at any desired point.

Dega Broadcast Systems has been providing technical installation services within the industry for over 25 years. Established in 1988, the company focuses on delivering a high quality service to its customers and establishing long term working relationships. Based in Basingstoke, Dega works predominantly within the UK but also carries out contracts overseas. The company directors are equal and all have engineering backgrounds. Each fulfils a similar role as a flexible executive active in the daily running of Dega Broadcast Systems and its projects.

Custom Consoles designs and manufactures project-specific and modular broadcast, process-control and security furniture. Its product range includes motorised and fixed-height desks and equipment housings. The company operates from a UK-based production facility equipped with 3D computer-aided-design facilities and computer-controlled cutting machinery. These resources provide the dual benefits of precise quality control and prompt delivery times. Custom Consoles’ clients include governmental and corporate organisations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.